Professional, multi-lingual writer's assistant and script coordinator with more than a decade of experience in theatre, television, and the arts.


Your personal writer's assistant

There is a reason the position of writers' assistant exists in a television writers' room. The writers' room is an arena where focus and efficiency are key, where scripts must be produced at the grueling pace of the television production schedule.

Having an assistant present allows the ideas to flow naturally and continuously, without the writers having to stop and jot notes down. An assistant ensures none of the sparks of inspiration are lost, either to imperfect memory or to an interrupted train of thought.

An assistant can also provide a fresh pair of eyes to proof your project before submission, deal with any fussy formatting issues, and take care of a whole variety of other small tasks to ensure that the writer's attention is focused on the writing.

No matter what kind of project you're working on - screenplay, stage play, novel, short story, nonfiction, etc. - as your personal writer's assistant, I can provide you with all those same benefits, as and when you need them.

As your personal writer's assistant, I will save you time, streamline your process, and help you get the most out of your writing hours.


If you have ever required the services of a writer's assistant, but weren't ready for the commitment of hiring someone on a permanent basis, even part-time, I am the solution you've been looking for. You are free to book as many or as few hours as you require at a reasonable rate, with no long-term commitment.

If you are uncertain about how long a project might take and have concerns about the final bill, you have the option to book a set number of hours, and I will complete as much of the project as possible in that time. We can then assess together how much work remains to be done, and you are able to book further hours or not, but either way there are no surprises. You will always know in advance the number of hours you're paying for. And if the work is completed in less than the booked number of hours, you only pay for the hours worked. It's win-win.

One-on-one Writing Sessions

My particular specialty is in facilitating one-on-one writing sessions, which can include:

  • taking detailed and extensive notes while you talk through your ideas,
  • typing your changes directly into the document during punch-up sessions,
  • implementing basic changes you would like made (changing a character's name consistently throughout the document, for example),
  • or providing a bullet-point summary of what you discussed or decided.

Or, if you prefer to brainstorm in private, simply record your sessions and send them to me, and I can provide the same services after the fact.

I believe I can be of particular assistance to screenwriters and playwrights, but I have worked with both novelists and nonfiction writers in the past and am open to all kinds of projects.

Additional Services

This is by no means an exclusive list. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your particular needs and processes.

  • Proofreading

  • Research

  • Script formatting

  • Transcription of paper notes, PDFs, or other non-editable file formats into editable documents

  • Transcription of audio or video files

Languages Spoken

  • English (native)
  • French (fluently bilingual)
  • Spanish (basic proficiency)
  • Russian (basic proficiency)
  • familiarity with most European languages

Rates and Pricing

I am available for project or contract work. Possibility of longer term engagements to be discussed. Rates are currently set at $25/hr (in Canadian dollars, which works out to $19US/hr or £16/hr), or you can contact me to discuss a flat rate per project.



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